Addiction Treatment Center Tyler

Are you looking for a children’s addiction treatment Center in Tyler? If so, you should definitely consider contacting our team at Sundown Ranch. We are a four hundred fifty-acre ranch that has beautiful rolling hills, forests, and lakes where your child can learn about themselves and grow as people. It is our primary mission at Sundown Ranch to provide the best level of mental and physical care to our young clients. We can give children the support they need as they transition to a life without drugs or alcohol. Addiction does not discriminate on who it attacks; anyone can fall victim to addiction, even children. If your child is suffering from addiction and you want to help them, the best thing you can do for them is to reach out to us at Sundown Ranch.

Children’s Addiction Treatment Center in Tyler

We provide individualized programs that unique and highly structured and introduce your child back into a life without dependence. With our treatment, your child will learn more about themselves and their identity and find stronger self-esteem and confidence. Instead of checking your child into a rehabilitation facility that looks like a hospital, let us provide them with a more natural space to learn how to live a life without addiction. The ranch where we are located is just one of the many therapeutic tools that we use at Sundown Ranch. We believe that connecting with nature can help children connect better with themselves and others.

Family-Based Therapy Programs at Sundown Ranch

At Sundown Ranch, we provide a family-based therapy program that allows the family unit to address the issues of addiction. During family-based therapy, everyone in the family is heard equally, and the main point of this type of therapy is to develop stronger relationships between family members. This kind of therapy is useful in helping families understand that addiction is a disease that sometimes cannot be avoided. In family sessions, family members learn the facts about addiction so that they can better understand what their child is going through. At Sundown Ranch, we highly recommend family-based therapy for all of our clients because it is so beneficial. Our staff will act as mediators and help get constructive communication going between the child and their families. If this is something you may be interested in, you should not delay in contacting our intake staff at Sundown Ranch.

Do not Waste another Precious Moment

There is not any time to waste when it comes to your child. Every moment that they are dependent is another moment that they suffer the consequences of addiction. Make the decision to get your child the help that they need by contacting our team at Sundown Ranch. We believe in creating a positive environment where your child can grow internally and learn about themselves in the process. At Sundown Ranch, it is our mission to help your child achieve success. We are dedicated to helping each and every child that steps through our doors.

Addiction Treatment Center Tyler

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