Dear Friends of SRI,

I am proud to say I am still clean and sober and have no plans of being otherwise…So I’ve got 108 days sober!…I am so grateful for all of the time, effort and love you all put into your jobs!…What ya’ll do for kids is priceless!…You have helped me get my life back!

– Nicki

Dear Sundown Ranch,

I am Parker’s Grandma and this past weekend I was fortunate to have attended your Family Program…I was greatly impressed with the entire format and left with a heightened feeling of hope for Parker…In just two weeks you were able to get him to admit he was an ”addict” – something he previously refused to do…My deep, deep thanks to all of you at Sundown Ranch for your comprehensive treatment program and for the awareness it brought me…

– Parker’s Grandma

As our days live on, I think of the hard work that’s put forth at Sundown…We are truly grateful for what your mind, hands and spirit have done for Matt and our family. Thank You!!

With gratitude and respect,

Matt’s Parents

Dear Mr. Power,

Thank you and your staff for helping our daughter through recovery over the past 3 months…You have built something very special at SRI…Sundown has met and usually exceeded our expectations…From my desperate call to being admitted, I sensed there was something unique about SRI…Every member of your team from administration to maintenance to cooks to counselors were focused and worked as a team on Alex’s recovery…I couldn’t help but notice that regardless of position or seniority, every member of your staff takes their role seriously…We will never forget SRI and the many people that made us feel so welcomed…You and your team have made a profound difference in our lives…We thank all of you so much for giving us our daughter back.


Alex’s Mother

We would like to thank all the staff at Sundown Ranch for assisting Garrett in his recovery…It takes a tremendous amount of dedication to offer the program for adolescents and meet the challenges involved on a daily basis…I feel this is an exceptional program…We wish we could thank each of you personally.


Garrett’s Parents

To everyone who helped Jamie,

Jamie has been clean and sober since he was released in December…I just wanted you all to know that so far Jamie has been a success story and I expect it to continue for the rest of his life…You all were wonderful from the first phone call…Thank you for what you have done for my son and my whole family.

– Jamie’s Mother