In June of 1987, Sundown Ranch and its 450 acres was purchased for the specific purpose of creating a chemical dependency treatment center for adolescents and young adults. The concept of Sundown Ranch is to provide a treatment program for those individuals who have not yet achieved a point of recovery to enable them to go back to their home or the environment from which their addiction developed.

On October 1, 1987, Sundown Ranch, Inc., admitted its first client. Since opening, the operation has continued uninterrupted, and we continue to admit hundreds of young people to our program each year.

At all times, Sundown Ranch, Inc., has met or exceeded the standards established by the Texas Department of Health Services, and as such, is currently licensed as a Chemical Dependency Treatment Center. In addition, Sundown Ranch, Inc., meets the high standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations andĀ operates with full and unconditional JCAHO accreditation.

We believe Sundown Ranch, Inc. is a unique facility that provides highly structured, yet individualized programs for our clients. We are proud of our staff and clinical program and pledge to use our full resources for the benefit of each client’s recovery.

Welcome to Sundown Ranch, Inc., and remember our program works “One Sundown at a Time.”