Addiction Treatment Center Terrell

You have several choices if you are looking for an addiction treatment center in Terrell. Sundown Ranch encourages you to consider our rehab if you would like to get clean and stay clean. Here, you'll find a friendly, professional staff who care about your well-being, and you'll find that Sundown Ranch is not a traditional rehab. We treat the whole person at Sundown Ranch.

Sundown Ranch is the best addiction treatment center in Terrell for people who need an outside-the-box approach to addiction treatment. At Sundown Ranch, rather than treating addiction as a stand-alone condition, we take a holistic approach, and we treat the whole person. We get to the root of the problem and understand the person's background, their substance of choice, family life, work-life, triggers, etc. We combine the best of traditional addiction treatment techniques with the best of modern, holistic, and science-based techniques to provide comprehensive care for our patients that is simply unrivaled.

How Sundown Ranch Addiction Treatment Center Works

If you are someone who is looking for a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Terrell on behalf of someone else, then there are several reasons why you should consider Sundown Ranch. First, we can help you arrange an intervention. Sundown Ranch networks with some of the best addiction treatment specialists and interventionists in Texas. You may have seen interventions performed on talk shows and TV, but we strongly encourage you not to try it on your own. Addiction interventions are very serious, and one wrong move could spoil the whole thing. Let us put you in touch with an interventionist who can walk you through the process and help you to do it the right way. This way, you'll optimize the chances of the intervention going successfully.

The Process for New Patients

When a new patient enters our care, the first thing that we do is talk at length with them to find out what addictions are plaguing them. We learn about our patients' past, assess them for mental health conditions, learn about their family situation, and ask a series of probing questions to get a clear and complete picture regarding, not just the addiction problem that the person has, but to understand how to best treat the person.

What Happens if a Person Has Severe Addiction Problems?

Sometimes, a person is addicted to substances like marijuana or cocaine (or perhaps other substances) that are very addictive, but they are only psychologically addictive. Other times, people are addicted to painkillers or heroin, as well as alcohol and other substances, that also create psychological dependencies. However, these latter substances also create physical dependencies. People who are chronically addicted to these substances face withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild to critical. Therefore, there are times when detox is needed prior to rehab.

Wherever a person's starting point is on the road to recovery, we'll meet you there. Sundown Ranch is the best addiction treatment center in Terrell Contact us if you need help.

Addiction Treatment Center Terrell


Addiction Treatment Center Terrell

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